The  Inspiration and Motivation behind Pyramid Rocketry

     Hello! You have come to the about page for Pyramid Rocketry. Here is a quick history of the company and kit designer. I am Alexander Bruccoleri and I have been flying model rockets since I was five. I have flown lots of regular model rockets, large and high powered rockets. During high school I flew sport contest rockets and won NARAM 44 B division. In 2002, also competed in six events at the World Spacemodeling Championship in the Czech Republic and won a bronze medal in scale team modeling. After high school I certified Tripoli Level 1 and 2, and the front page of this website shows my level 2 flight on an Aerotech K458. During that same summer I started the company.  


    Pyramid Rocketry is a company specializing in Pyramid shaped model rocket kits. These rockets are drag stabilized and fly remarkable well. I first started flying Pyramids when I was twelve and all of my models recovered with simple drag tumble recovery. The larger Pyramids flew on Aerotech 29mm single use motors came in quite hard but they were ok for my standards at the time. I then built more complicated Pyramids including a timer ignition two stage Pyramid and an 18 inch K powered Pyramid when I was fourteen. It took me awhile before I flew the Pyramid since the K motor was quite a financial hurdle during high school. Eventually I flew it with my dad during the summer of 2001 and a publication in the September/October 2002 Sport Rocketry magazine explains the design and flight of this particular rocket.


     During the summer of 2003 I developed a two piece rear ejection system that significantly enhanced the quality of flying Pyramids. I 
designed  three kits of which two utilize this innovative recovery system and the smallest uses tumble recovery. (The small kit is 
sufficiently light that it can be recovered safely.) Please write to me since I enjoy reading about people's ideas and experiences. 
     Pyramid Rocketry strives to produce high quality kits and we take pride in customer satisfaction.

      Enjoy flying model rockets!

Alexander Bruccoleri